A Guest Post or Piece of Content Generates

A high level of interest and drives traffic to their site.
Untapped segments for your products. Perhaps a rival is doing a better job of appealing to a different demographic. This, in turn, presents an opportunity to diversify your messaging or switch marketing channels. The same could apply to a new location or geographic region. Joint ventures between businesses that share a similar target demographic can be mutually beneficial – helping both parties reach a new ready-prepped customer base.
Perhaps a rival is offering an add-on or upsell that you’ve failed to consider.
You might also conduct market research surveys where customers tell you something they’d like but which you don’t yet offer.
Success story: See how AirBnB used Simila rweb to uncover opportunities for growth in new markets.

Airbnb Market Research Example

Spot new or emerging trends
Why it matters: With how quickly consumer behaviors change and markets shift, it’s important to move with the times. Market research can help businesses stay in touch with Administration Directors Email Lists what’s happening – something that applies to consumers, competitors, and the industry as a whole.

From changes to purchasing behaviors, new technologies, new products, or service features; researching trends and staying close to rising players in your market allows you to keep tabs on what things are attracting attention.

Which Keywords or Phrases Are Trending in Your Industry

C Level Executive List

Is there a new player showing significant growth in your market?
What are your rival’s highest-hitting pages?
How are apps impacting your market – do you know which of your competitors have one, and is it successful?
Which campaigns in your industry are CNB Directory working and gaining traction?
Is there a specific asset, whitepaper, or offering that your target audience responds to?
Are there any seasonal trends that impact your market. Can you see spikes in specific search terms or phrases.

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