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What is the process if your employees want to use virtual crdit cards to pay for online advertising expenses? At GTÜ we have arrangd it as follows: If an order has been approvd and the relevant supplier or service provider requires a crdit card, this must be requestd centrally from Purchasing. Purchasing then generates the virtual crdit card – and passes it on to the employee for deposit – or the purchasing department carries out this order itself and creates the virtual crdit card in the meantime.

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To what extent have virtual crdit cards simplifid the processes at or made them more transparent? We use the additional data fields phone number list when creating the map. For example, we enter our internal order number. So we know exactly when the debit was made and which department and which employee initiatd the debit. If the invoices are not available, we can ask the staff directly and they can send us the invoice. Were there any initial challenges in transitioning to virtual crdit cards.

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An if so, how did you meet them? In the beginning we had to save every new crdit card in all accounts, change everything and explain CNB Directory the new payment process to our employees. However, we were very well supportd by AirPlus. We had a direct contact that we could get in touch with. The function of the portal was explaind to us and we were able to understand the processes better. Thanks to the new procurement portal, we can now adjust the profiles and security settings even better and more easily.

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