Choose the Perfect Background

The background of your product photography can really enhance the look of your product. You can have a flat full white background for your online store as this is the standard look. If you’re creating a lifestyle shot, you might use cardboard, wood panels, marble countertops, slippers, fabric, wallpaper, or other background ideas . Choose a background that is consistent with your branding. If you sell fun and colorful accessories, you might have products that people use streamers in the background. If you sell jewelry, makeup accessories, sunglasses, or watches, you’re probably using a marble background.

Include Something to Help Show the Scale

Often, your customers will want to know how big your product is. While most product descriptions will contain detailed measurements of the product, this is not always easy to interpret. This is where common in pictures can help. Any everyday Commercial Property Owners Email List item that everyone will have can help your customers cook just how big your produce is. When setting up product images, try placing the product next to a mug, a book, or a pen. This will help them visualize themselves with your product and better imagine it in their life.

Show Multiple Aspects of the Product from Different Angles

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If your product is highly detailed, or has several different features, your customers will want to know what those are. The easiest way to showcase many aspects of a product is to provide it with as many angles as possible. If an item has multiple  settings, there CNB Directory is a separate image for each setting showing its operation. If different parts of the product are different, show each part in closer detail. This can help sell many different uses of a product without having to write out a lineup of text, and give your customers a better understanding of how it works.

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