Complete Guide to Building Internal Linking

This is the easiest and most effective SEO strategy on the planet.

What is the most interesting?

You will not be dizzy to understand it even if it is still new. I promise.

After you read this guide, God willing you will be able to build effective internal linking for your blog.


Good, let’s start..

Why do you need to use an internal linking strategy?
In the world of search engine optimization (SEO), most people only focus on building backlinks to improve search engine rankings.

Unfortunately many people completely forget the power found

Yes, I mean about internal linking .

If you ignore an internal linking strategy, you’re Phone Number List missing out on a valuable opportunity to improve SEO, as well as an opportunity to promote a better user experience for readers.

This strategy is like haphazard 2 eyes. Kills two birds with one stone.

Basically, internal links work to connect one page to another.

It has three main purposes:The first two goals above are related to user experience, while the third is related to SEO.

However, if you focus on building the right internal linking strategy, you will get all the above benefits.

Why is internal linking so important?
Basically, using internal linking will create a very clear path for search engines to explore your site.

Internal link linking

Try to imagine your blog is like a subway network system

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Each stop is a unique page of your blog CNB Directory blog post, page, landing page or other file.

Search engines need a way to explore your entire website and find all the stops. So they use the best route available, which is links.

Links will allow bots from search engines (commonly called ‘ crawlers ‘ or ‘ spiders ‘) to reach related posts within your website.

This thing is called indexing.

google crawler

And by creating internal links, it seems to pave the way and welcome these crawlers to visit the contents of your blog.

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