Do Not Delete Images Until You See Them on Your Computer

When taking product photos, avoid deleting images directly on the camera. Once you see images larger than your camera screen on your computer screen, you’ll have a better idea of ​​which images look great and which don’t. You may find on closer inspection that a photo you thought looked bad actually looks great.

Using Color Psychology to Capture the Right Mood

With Lifestyle product photography, you’ll want to use color psychology to capture the right mood for your product. You may have noticed that most Clinical Nurse Specialists Email List electronics such as desktops, phones and tablets are shot against a glossy black background. This may be because black symbolizes complexity and security. Using different colors can help customers make a purchase.

Use the Macro Setting to Capture Finer Details

If you sell jewelry or products with fine details, using the macro settings on your camera can help you capture small details. Macro settings provide zoom on details so customers can see what the product looks like. This can help customers feel confident when buying as they can get a better look at what the product looks like up close. With a macro lens, you’ll be able to capture finer details than what you can set on your camera. If you sell jewelry, you might want to invest in a macro lens.

Pay Attention to Lighting in Photos

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When it comes to product photography lighting, you can choose soft or hard light. Soft light means more light surrounds the product, while hard light means less light surface. The distance of the light also comes with the role of rays closer to the light. Ultimately, how do you want your product to look? For example, a spotlight on a product would be a hard light.

Natural light is light from the sun. Artificial light CNB Directory is produced by humans, such as light bulbs, candles or flames.

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