Drive Traffic Through Product Category Optimization

Steve Wiideman
“One of the most powerful ways to drive organic traffic for ecommerce businesses is through product category optimization.

“Let’s take a look at Bob’s Watches, for example – the Used Rolex Submariner category, to be precise. You can see that this is optimized in a number of ways, including:

A short summary for Featured Answer-readiness
Proper hierarchy of H1, H2 tags
Faceted navigation limited in refinement parameters
Tables of contents (below the products) with supportive topics
Tables, charts and unique images are used – not just paragraphs of content
High definition images that aren’t already in Google’s image database
Maximized use of markup, such as FAQ page, Product, and ImageObject.

Improve the Performance of Your Website

Audrie Tando
“Make sure your website is performing its best for the Black Friday event. A swift load time is something your customers would anticipate, but not just that – they could even rely on it to find a deal and make the purchase.

“With a conversion rate of 12% to 30%, the ideal loading time for ecommerce websites is zero to four seconds. If the user is waiting any longer than that, they might Compliance Directors Email Lists start to back out of their purchases – meaning your number of transactions and your conversion rate will go down.

“Test your site speed and make sure it’s up to scratch for the big day or days; the amount of content and size of images can have something to say for this, so make sure it’s all optimized. Streamline that checkout to make it as easy-to-use and smooth as possible for users to move through, and complete purchase. That includes minimizing the amount of clicks, removing any distractions, keeping it clear and consistent, and using true localization to help make sure no one is dropping out where you don’t want them to”.

Partner Up with Another Brand and Reap the Benefits

C Level Executive List

John Wright
“There are a bunch of benefits to brand partnerships – namely for the data acquisition of a wider audience.

A brand partnership can look like anything, from simple collaboration through to competitions. And let me tell you, brand partnered competitions just work – particularly CNB Directory for a specific event like Black Friday. Launch yours with a twist, and enjoy campaign ROI via the inevitable extra sales boost from website referrals and incentive.

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