Face the Zero-Click Challenge to Organic Search

The first thing that jumps at you is that all keywords with an exact match have an extremely high percentage of zero-click searches – up to 80%.

This is critical to notice because it impacts the probability of receiving organic traffic for these keywords. Zero-click searches generate an instant result on the SERP, meaning people get what they were looking for on the Google results page and don’t click to any other page.

In this case, the SERP displays product ads, followed by a featured snippet, and a people also ask box. Next, you can find a bunch of featured videos, and only when you scroll beyond them do you get organic results. Considering the high traffic volume, you might still want to add some of these keywords to your SEO plan.

Zero-Click searches have become a big issue, but the keyword generator can help you deal with the challenge.

Find New Seo Keywords and Analyze Performance

Click on a keyword, and you’ll get an overview of keyword analysis. You can identify who’s competing for this keyword for organic and paid search, for desktop vs. mobile search.

The keyword analysis also shows you which SERP features the Crypto Email List keyword generated and for how many sites, in which countries the search is popular and which industry categories are receiving traffic for the keyword.

Screenshot of Part of Similar Web Keyword

Job Function Email Database

This is a partial view of the keyword analysis overview showing competitors and SERP features. You can dig into each to see the feature, the content, and who posted it.

Pay attention to the search intent of SEO keywords
Another critical ranking factor you need to consider from CNB Directory the start is search intent. Search intent determines what motivates the majority of searchers to type in a specific term.

For example, someone typing “Samsung Flip 3 price” is likely interested in buying the flippable mobile phone and not looking for instructions on how to use it.

To find new SEO keywords for your blog, product page, or video content, you want to make sure searchers use them with the right intent.

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