Fastest Growing Ecommerce Categories During Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has sparked panic buying in many countries around the world, both in brick-and-mortar stores such as supermarkets and pharmacies, and in e-commerce stores.

As expected, online sales of essential goods, especially medical supplies, have surged. According to a recent Adobe survey, sales of products such as hand sanitizers, gloves, and face masks increased by more than 800% in the first ten weeks of the year (Adobe, 2020). Another successful tactic is to bundle additional shipping costs into the product and then offer “free” shipping to customers. At the end of the day, online shoppers place a high value on transparency, and it’s vital for your online store to be successful.

Toilet Paper and Over-The-Counter Medicines

Colds and aches and pains were also selling well online, with sales up 231% and 217%, respectively.

And gym closures saw a 55% increase in demand for fitness equipment in the first two weeks of March alone as more people looked to exercise at home.

Sales of home goods are also on the rise as Art Director Email List people spend more time at home and set up home offices. In the US, sales of home improvement products were up 13% compared with a year ago.

Top Reasons Online Shoppers Abandon Their Carts

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Ask any online store owner and they’ll tell you how horrible an abandoned cart is. You probably have a lot of questions about abandoned carts – why, what, where, and how.

According to recent online shopping statistics, 49% are due to high additional costs, which can include anything from shipping to taxes and fees (Baymard, 2021).

These days, free shipping is more of a necessity CNB Directory than an advantage. Adding extra fees to the online shopping process, especially at the last step, can deter buyers from completing their purchase plans. For online shoppers, these costs are an immediate source of annoyance, which they may perceive as a lack of transparency.

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