Performance Max campaigns in Google Ads

Currently, Google Ads campaigns are run in the same way as before. You need to configure them and complete elements such aslanding page, and ad content. The panel is still so complicated that an ordinary Internet user or a business person is unlikely to understand it. However, Google has created an environment in which we, as specialists. Can launch campaigns based on Google automation and data from their databases. which allows for easy optimization of campaigns in terms of conversions. So if it is an online store. you can run campaigns to increase sales. in the case of B2B or B2C businesses, it is to acquire leads.

Automated campaigns in Google Ads

In addition to targeting ads to the Google search network, you also have the option of displaying them in the Google advertising portals Phone Number Data websites and even in mobile games. Most of these ads are Google ads. including those that appear on YouTube before or during a video, as well as in Gmail. You can set all this manually. Performance Max campaigns work in such a way that after defining the content contribution and goals of the campaign. Google launches it in an automated manner, using all available channels in Google Ads. However, it mainly reaches people who are most likely to convert, regardless of where they are.

Automatic campaigns Performance Max on Facebook
Phone Number Data

Facebook has for some time now been able to set up advertising campaigns optimized for conversions. In the past, when running a Facebook CNB Directory campaign, you could choose the interests you wanted to reach. It used to be possible to use mailing lists or emails obtained in various ways, e.g. from a fan page, which resulted in well-converting campaigns. Currently, these methods are prohibited. you can still target campaigns based on interests, use word-of-mouth marketing or geolocation. Recently, we have been using campaigns aimed at specific goals. You need to install the Facebook pixel precisely product viewing, adding to cart, payment initiation.

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