How to Find Suppliers for Your Aliexpress Dropshipping Store

With AliExpress dropshipping, you can easily lose control of the customer experience because you never see the product as it is shipped directly from the supplier’s warehouse to your customer.

If you’re trying to provide top-notch customer service, which is a must, dropshipping can become a burden. Although AliExpress, as a marketplace, does its best to deal with unreliable suppliers, we still recommend to be very careful about choosing your dropshipping suppliers when you come across unreliable suppliers .

Here are some top tips on how to choose the best suppliers from our dropshipping guide:

Don’t Always Buy the Lowest Price

Here is an example of how the AliExpress dropshipping marketplace works:

A vendor called Original Hoodies started selling a Timeshare Owners Email List high-quality product called a “blue hoodie” for $40. Then, another supplier called Competitive Hoodies made the same hoodies but dropped the price to $15 by adding more polyester instead of cotton.

When a businessman like you is looking for a blue hoodie, he sees two that look the same, but one of them costs less. In most cases, merchants will choose the cheap one. Dissatisfied with her sales performance, the first supplier, Original Hoodies, also replaced her “Blue Hoodies” cotton material with polyester and lowered prices to remain competitive.

While Going for the Lowest Priced Product

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Might seem like the obvious choice, the key is to remember that this competition can result in a lower quality product in the marketplace. Suppliers try to be competitive on price, and each product often has some very similar variations, often artificially lowering the price.

In short, on Ali Express, the price goes down with the quality. If you are trying to create a successful eCommerce business, then you need to research CNB Directory and compare the prices offered by different suppliers. If many sellers have similar prices for the same product, but one supplier offers a much lower price, it usually indicates that they are compromising on product quality.

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