How to get a turnover of €48,500 from €3,600 invested

And not only that. 8-fold increase in the number of orders and 3.4-fold increase in traffic purely from Google natural search. All the more reason. All the more reason to optimize your websites and not forget about SEO in your online strategy.  with alcohol Case Study  1. Increase organic traffic from Google 2. Get relevant keywords on the first pages of Google search business goals of the client 1. What turnover How to get a turnover did we bring to the client We brought turnover to the company in 12 months.

Results in the development of keyword positions

In the e-shop you can order the highest quality alcoholic beverages from the world, such as BELUGA – the best Brazil Phone Number Data Russian vodka, CARTAVIO XO – a delicacy from the world of rums, or Japanese whiskey TAKETSURU, which traditionally wins world awards as the best non-Scotch whiskey in the world. whiskey- Situation How to get a turnover  We agreed on cooperation with the client, the result of which was to optimize the page for suitable keywords and increase traffic from the Google search engine.

The client wanted to appear in organic search so that he could reach all potential customers when they want to buy or are looking for products that are in his e-shop.

Introducing the client

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The goal was to incorporate new keywords into the website and raise the positions of the most searched keywords with respect to the Arabia Whatsapp Number competition. A strategy to meet the agreed goals Considering the set goals, it was first necessary to find out the starting situation, which relevant keywords have good positions in the search, in order to match the selected How to get a turnover subpage as much as possible. It was important to increase the positions of highly searched words, incorporate new relevant keywords and obtain backlinks from adequate domains, in order to strengthen the link portfolio. Solutions development of a strategy with regard to the market.

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