How to Make Money from Your Smartphone

Since many of us spend so much time scrolling, you might be able to take those fingertips and turn them into a way to make money from your phone.

There are tons of apps, tools, and resources that can help, but it can be hard to figure out which ones are good – and profitable – ideas and which ones are a total waste of time.

If you’re in this boat and struggling to blend to breakeven, don’t worry.

We’ll look at the 11 best ways to get paid using your phone, and some steps to take to get there. There are tons of mobile apps you can use to sell them and grab some extra cash. Let’s look at some.

Make Money From Phone Cleaner

Use this app to sell Tech and Media like Mobiles, Games, DVDs, CDs and Books. It offers free shipping on all orders and fast payments for the items you sell. A cool feature is the ability to scan an item’s barcode and get an instant estimate of its value.

List your sale and Poshmark will pay for the postage. You can College and Universities Email List even host a party where you and your friends list similar items. Remember, listings are free, but when you make a sale, you pay. For items under $15, you will be charged $2.95. For items over $15, you will be charged 20%.

Mobile App for Turning Old Things into Cash

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This app is parts craigslist, parts thrift store. This app is for local sales only, you cannot accept payments through the app, so you will need to arrange an actual sale with the buyer.

Trade-in on Amazon
Here’s another option for making money from your phone that involves selling items you no longer need. This option doesn’t earn you cash, but it earns gift cards.

Amazon has a great trade-in program that lets CNB Directory you send in tech items like Amazon devices, video games, phones, accessories, and more.

If your item qualifies, you’ll instantly receive an Amazon gift card or credit towards the purchase of a new device.

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