Inform a Content Marketing Strategy

Why it matters: These days, the importance of having an effective, relevant, and successful content marketing strategy cannot be overstated. According to a 2020 competitive intelligence survey, companies have, on average, 29 competitors. So, regardless of your sector, in the digital world, it’s constant competition – be it for better visibility online, a higher CTR, or increased engagement.

So, how does market research benefit a business? And how can you stand out and get found online? With content marketing, of course.

An advantage of using market research to inform your content marketing strategy is that data doesn’t lie. Yes, it’s an old one but a good one. A data-driven approach to content marketing is a surefire way to uncover the right keywords, topics, and content to harness to your advantage.

You Can Use Market Research to Uncover the Following

Limitations of Market Research
Regardless of whether it’s for an enterprise Business Development Directors Email Lists company or entrepreneur – time, cost, and experience are viewed as the biggest limitations of market research. But this is an outdated perception that is no longer relevant or true to life.

Here’s How Things Are in 2022

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If cost is considered a limitation of market research use secondary market research methods. Most of the time, the data can be found online, for free.
This guide to desk research shows you the best places to find secondary research data.

Should you view time as a limitation – use software like Similarweb Digital Research Intelligence to quickly view insights in almost any market, company, or product.
If you’re on a deadline, let’s say you need to do market research for a business plan, market research tools can help you get it done in a day.

Perhaps you feel a lack of experience is preventing CNB Directory you from doing market research. Most market research tools require little to no training and are highly intuitive.
Use market research templates to guide you through the key data points you need to collect.

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