Case study: Matrimonial industry

In March 2021, we were approached by a matrimonial agency with branches throughout Poland. one of the leaders in the industry. Its website was well visible on the Internet and its brand was recognizable. So what was the problem? Well, despite the activities carried out in the field of internet marketing, it was not possible to achieve sufficient positions in the Google search engine results for the most important phrases for the client outside the but in low positions. Additionally, after working with us. The client expected: strengthening the image of your website on the Internet. More new customers signing up for the service increasing brand awareness throughout Poland – local positioning for phrases related to selected cities.

Positioning money keywords

Additionally, we expanded the content on the home Phone Number Data page and other offer pages and  in order to gain the highest possible traffic and visibility. Optimization of content and tags resulted in the movement of the most important keyword phrases. The whole thing was complemented by link building, strengthening the authority of the entire page and individual phrases. At the same time, we reviewed the situation of individual keyword and refining individual results. It is worth adding that throughout this time we have been working closely with the client, looking for new niches that we could develop.

Advertising on Facebook Case study
Phone Number Data

The chart shows views from the last 3 months CNB Directory compared to the previous year (first months of cooperation) – a twofold increase in the number of views! We invite you to cooperate! Thanks to many years of experience  specialized knowledge, developed patterns of effective operation and skillful combination of individual services. We are able to achieve measurable results for you. We entered the  with the most important phrases for the client, and the views, traffic and strength of the client’s website are constantly increasing.

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