People Who Use Their Phones for Product Research

The Next Mobile Stats will show you how mobile devices impact consumers’ product research process. As the world becomes increasingly digital, information has become widely and easily accessible online, and consumer habits have adapted accordingly.

The latest mobile usage statistics show that 7 in 10 internet users in the US say they look for customer reviews in-store (in-store) before approaching an employee.

And research Product reviews aren’t the only thing mobile users do in-store. Of these, 58% were also looking for products similar to other products they were considering, and 55% were looking for product specifications. This mobile usage statistic highlights providing consumers with a positive mobile experience, something retailers are sure to realize: half of them already include the all-important customer engagement strategy.

Mobile Shopping

Not only are people using their mobile devices for product research, but many use them to make purchases as well.
The latest mobile statistics hint at a high reliance on online shopping on mobile devices, especially
Of all internet users globally, women ages 6-24 are the most Agricultural Mailing List active on their mobile phones, with 63% of them purchasing a product on their mobile device in the past month. In contrast, only 35.8 percent of male Internet users between 55 and 64 have done so.

With so many people making mobile purchases, as an eCommerce business owner, you should consider prioritizing your mobile optimization strategy. This is especially because users who experience a negative experience on a mobile site are less likely to continue buying from that business in the future.

Choice of Mobile Shopping

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Given the ease and ease of shopping for goods online as consumers embrace the widespread use of mobile devices, many consumers see the lack of mobile CNB Directory shopping options as a fatal blow.

So, if you’re still not convinced of the benefits of building your own eCommerce store on mobile commerce, consider this statistic: Almost six in 10 shoppers say being able to buy products on a mobile device is an option from (Google, 2019) The key factor of buying a brand or retailer.

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