Read Your Product Description to Make Sure

There are no typos. You can avoid spelling mistakes by using instrumental grammar .

Provide all the details
Make sure customers provide the information they need to make a purchase. For example, if Dropshipping clothing , care information and size charts can help customers before and after their purchase. If you’re selling tablets, you’ll want to make sure you list all the specs. If you dropship jewelry , you will want to include information such as “free” as some may have allergies to certain materials.

How to Write a Product Description

Product descriptions are short and sweet, only two sentences. Product details include scannable bullet points. The first sentence of the product description Fronk Oil Mailing Address compliments the customer by mentioning their “sparkling charm”. Customer compliments, however, were tied with the Bolero’s “glorious flashes.” The second sentence again compliments the customer and is product-related. Pay close attention to the language used in the copy.

The Tipsy Genie Is an Example of a Great Product

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Description that showcases product benefits. Their short and sweet two sentence description mentions that this jumpsuit is perfect for ‘lazy days on the couch, USA events, and hitting the slopes.’ For those looking for an outfit for the 4th of July, their problem CNB Directory is solve as it mentions that this outfit is ideal for it. Notice how the first word in the copy is ‘freedom’, which is a positive word and is often associat with American pride products. Their product details aren’t very scannable. However, they mention the benefits for some of their features such as mentioning that the material is thinner for ‘year round wear.

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