Image advertising why is it worth starting with them

The basic rule of advertising online is as follows: first recognition, then traffic, and finally sales. So if your e-store is currently not bringing satisfactory sales results – focus on increasing brand recognition and try to encourage more users to visit your online store. Marketing activities should be combined to reach different places on the web. However, these cannot be random places, but places that your potential customers visit. The idea is to encourage them to go from there to your e-store website. Do you run e-commerce with cosmetics for future mothers and babies? In addition to positioning for specific keyword phrases, it is worth trying to publish on parenting websites and cooperate with influencers in social media.

Advertising on the search network

Google also has an additional place for this type of advertising – a separate tab in the search engine called Google Shopping. Promoted products are also displayed here Phone Number Data¬†and that’s not all, the ad also appears in the Google Images tab, the search network and the advertising network. So, by enabling Google Shopping, you increase your sales chances. What’s important about Google Shopping is that a user searching for a product they want to buy sees both your offer and that of your competitors. So you can quickly compare prices and availability of goods. If your product is not unique – that is, others also have it – it is important that its price – including delivery – is competitive.

Ads based on Image advertising remarketing

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Remarketing-based ads are an extremely important part of the marketing process. Because when the previously mentioned campaigns reach people specifically CNB Directory interested in products sold in your e-store, ads based on remarketing reach only people who have already visited your store (and often also performed specific actions there, e.g. added products to the cart, but in the end they didn’t buy them). It is very important to remind people in advertising who have started the purchasing process but have not completed it, because there may be many reasons for this, e.g. distraction, lack of time, comparing several offers. Therefore, it is worth presenting your offer to this type of customers again, because the probability of purchase is much higher than in the case of users who have not had contact with the brand before.

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