The customer purchasing process

Once the has developed, you start looking for information, and then move on to phase 2 of the purchasing process. You begin to find out about the mortgage.  with your wife what might be the best area in which to look for a house.  ask for advice to family and friends about what to pay attention to in this very important purchase in your life. Then you move on to phase.  Start searching in real estate agencies in your area and on the internet to see what the market offers, and you begin to evaluate the houses that are for sale. Visiting several, often many, of them.

Purchase of a new pair The customer process of shoes

Now, as you may have understood, the purchasing process is very DIFFERENT in these two cases. Consequently, do you think that SEO or Phone number data Facebook can be used in the same way in the first and second cases Obviously not. but we’ll go into more detail about this later. Different tools  for different “phases”. The first reasoning you must therefore do. Returning to the main topic of the article, i.e. whether SEO or Facebook is better for your company. You must first understand that they are two different TOOLS that intercept customers at different stages of the purchasing process. SEO is perfect for intercepting customers in phase 3 of the purchasing process that of evaluating alternatives.

At this point you will ask yourself, what is best to do

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First of all, in many cases the first strategy does not exclude the other but rather they can be combined. Secondly, other factors must be CNB Directory  evaluated: Is SEO right for you? Are there user searches for keywords that relate to your products and services? It is not a given that there is demand online: if you have product or service. Then it is very likely that there is no demand and  that users do not search for your product or service online because as it is new. It is not they know. Are there competitors much better positioned than you? If for most of the best keywords, there are already many competitors positioned on Google who perhaps have been doing SEO for years, and you instead have a new site with little content.

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