The Similar web Marketing Digest: July 2022

Great news: we just dropped 6 scorching hot new features so you can amp up your SEO and paid search campaigns. From user intent detection to comparative keyword analysis – your new search superpowers await.

9 Ways the Serps Are Changing

How are SEO best practices impacted by Google’s SERP update?

Similarweb SEO guru, Gerald Murphy shared Nine Ways the Google SERPs are Changing and tips for keeping your rankings up on Rank Ranger’s The In Search SEO Podcast.

Why and How to Do Keyword Gap Analysis
Spot holes in your client’s search strategy and find the right keywords to fill them with this detailed breakdown of keyword gap analysis. Read the blog and walk away VP Safety Email Lists with our top tips for using digital intelligence to close in on keywords that send traffic to the competition and pinpoint the right keywords to optimize your content.

Build an Integrated Search Strategy

Search behavior is no longer limited to a single space. So, how can you build a unified keyword strategy across Google, Amazon, and YouTube?

Check Out This Webinar to See How Consumers

C Level Executive List

interact with each search engine and what type of content resonates most effectively with different audiences.

Pump up your rankings with keyword clusters
And last but definitely not least – find out how you can optimize your content for search clusters to rank for more keywords. Learn everything from what keyword clusters are to how your audience can benefit from this informative blog.

Why does it work? Even though the video addresses a B2B audience, it looks like a video made for individuals. The reason may be that ecommerce companies CNB Directory differ from SaaS or corporate customers, and when the video was publish, these sites were pretty small and privately held.

At that time, shopping cart abandonment wasn’t a considerable challenge. VeriSign was a pioneer in raising awareness to the issue, and they did it by making the viewer smile. It’s one of those clips you watch till the end just to see how it ends.

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