The Top Traffic-Driving Terms for Every Industry

Did you know ‘AirBnB‘ is the most searched keyword in the hotel industry and in the entire travel & tourism industry? That’s quite remarkable because, after all, the site offers accommodation without any additional travel-related services.

And did you also know in the fashion industry, brands receive between 20%-40% of traffic via paid search for targeted keywords. But the keyword ‘Zara‘ bucks that trend with 98% organic traffic.

These are the kinds of noteworthy insights you get when you zero-in on your industry when you do keyword research.

We’ve Used Similarweb Keywords by Industry Feature

To extract the 20 most-searched keywords in top industries. The key takeaway: brand names are dominating the web. In every industry, the top brand names are also the top traffic-driving keywords.

Let’s look at some prominent industry sectors and their top keywords.

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Keywords by industry
If there’s one thing you’ll take away from this article, it’s that brands dominate the industries and search. No matter which sector we checked, the top keywords are Controlling Directors Email List almost always the top brands. Luckily, with the Similarweb keywords by industry tool, you can filter out the branded keywords and see what else is trending.

Top Keywords for the Hotel Industry

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When looking at the entire tourism industry, you learn something about search behavior. We see searchers mostly check accommodation and flights separately rather than exploring combined vacation packages.

Therefore, rather than covering the entire travel and tourism industry, we made the same separation: Accommodation and Hotels in one list and Air Travel in a separate one. You’ll see which keywords are most searched in these categories in the US in 2022.

At first glance, it looks like travelers in the US are keen CNB Directory on private, alternative accommodation and less interested in traditional hotels. But when you consider competition, the picture changes. There are a lot more hotel chains than sites offering private accommodation.

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