Affiliates Working for Your Top Competitors

You can refine and revise these criteria as you recruit, and learn more about the perfect fit for your brand.

Optimize your landing pages for conversions
In most cases, affiliates get paid when their referrals convert into customers. But the best an affiliate can do is to refer traffic to your landing pages. If your landing pages aren’t optimized for conversions, the partnership’s efforts will go to waste.

Think of it like a tree falling in the woods. If a person visits your website and doesn’t convert, you won’t hear a ‘sound’.

What is it?
Conversion optimization is the process of designing your landing pages for maximum traffic to lead to conversions. A well-optimized landing page ensures that its visitors do not leave without taking action.

Why Does It Work

Conversion-optimized landing pages are critical to the success of your affiliate program because reputable affiliate marketers check the conversion rates of your affiliate program before they apply. The first thing they check when considering an affiliate program (apart from the commission structure) is the landing page where they’ll be sending traffic. If it’s optimized for conversions, they know they will make more commission.

How can you replicate it?
When developing an affiliate program, get your landing pages optimized by professional conversion optimization experts and test them for various marketing Manufacturing Directors Email Lists campaigns. Make sure they’re converting at a higher rate than the industry average so that you can use them to attract the best affiliates in your industry.

Find Affiliates Through Competitor Analysis

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Pitching your brand to the affiliate marketers already promoting your top competitors is the fastest way to grow your affiliate base.

Why does it work?
The affiliate marketers promoting your top competitors are already familiar with your industry and have a proven record of successfully driving sales. They also have CNB Directory an active connection with your target audience since they regularly promote different products. In addition, they’re high-quality affiliates because your top competitors have already vetted their credentials. So, they’re the ideal marketers for your affiliate program.

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