Use and Download of the Ebay Application

The eBay app has been downloaded a total of 476 million times . In the US, the app aims to be especially popular.

Statistics from eBay show that more than three-tenths (34.9%) of US mobile users use the eBay app with approximately 66 million monthly app users (Statista, 2019).

That makes the eBay app the third most popular mobile shopping app among U.S. consumers, behind those of e-commerce giants Amazon and Walmart, which are used by 80% and 43.8% of U.S. mobile users, respectively. .

The eBay app also offers the highest range of all Android retail apps worldwide. It estimated 6.27% , which is much higher than Amazon (0.97%) and Walmart (1.78%).

The Best-Selling Product Category on Ebay

Electronics & Accessories” is the best-selling product category that deviates from eBay, and everything sold on eBay falls into this category (Edison Trends, 2018).

Not surprisingly, this is what most eBay users search for.

If you’re interested in selling electronics and accessories, you might want to consider Bluetooth-related projects. Five of the 12 best-selling electronics on eBay this year offer Bluetooth functionality.

But if electronics aren’t your thing, clothing and accessories Bank Email List are just as lucrative — 16 percent of all items sold on eBay come from them.

“Automotive” (11%), “Health & Beauty” (9%) and “Sports & Outdoors” complete the five best-selling product categories on eBay.

Number of Ebay Listings

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Here’s another eBay statistic that may influence your decisions about how and how to sell. There are a total of 1.7 billion listings on eBay (eBay, 2021).

That’s more than nine times the number CNB Directory of eBay buyers, which means there are a lot of products vying for the attention of 187 million buyers! With electronics and accessories as eBay’s best-selling product category, expect all sellers to want a piece of the pie.

There is no doubt that the competition to sell is fierce. Which means you must be prepared to go the extra mile to optimize your product listings. Writing informative product descriptions and including relevant keywords will help improve your product’s ranking on eBay search results pages.

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