When You Think of Personal Branding

I met him a few years ago at the Transportation & Transformation conference in the hotel lobby, and he was very real. Most notably, he never self-censors. He’s probably more likely to turn down a speech that asks him to tone down his curse than he actually does. But that’s what we love about him. He talks to you like you talk to a friend. He doesn’t walk around in an expensive suit reminding you that he’s more successful than you. Although he is. He’s a down to earth guy. I once messaged him on Instagram and he responded to me within 10 minutes. Who does that? Nobody.

Gary Vaynerchuk’s Personal Branding Journey

Have you seen this video? This is his first video . It basically looks like a home video from the 90s, albeit from 2006. He just sits in front of the camera and drinks. Why am I bringing this up? Because even Gary Vinechuk set out to build a personal brand on the lowest possible budget. So Paper Products Manufacturers Email List you can too. Blogging for personal branding is a tactic used by many top influencers. Why does it work? Today, you may be a silent nobody. But if you stick with creating content in your niche for at least a year or two, eventually you’ll be building an audience around yourself. There are two ways to approach personal branding blogging. First, you can build your own blog. This personal branding strategy will require the most upfront work, but will ultimately be the most rewarding.

Personal Branding Example

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Rachel Parcell started using her blog to build her personal brand Pink Peony . On her blog, she writes about fashion, beauty and lifestyle. She has been in the fashion CNB Directory blogging scene for many years and has built a reputation as an influencer. As such, she currently has amassed over 973,000 followers on Instagram alone. She decided to monetize her blog by creating an online store under her name Rachel Parcell . What does she sell Fashion. She also shapes for her own clothing line. Her self-brand has responded.

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