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This requires an additional budget, customer acceptance and getting along with the publisher, which is why the time to join the discussion increases. Despite these difficulties, knowing all the mentions for each brand you serve is crucial. 5. Slack Konceptika uses Slack for project management and internal communication. Its basic advantages are simple operation and multiplatformity – it works well on computers and phones with different operating systems,. Due to the fact that the structure in Konceptica is definitely matrix and not hierarchical – there are no regular employees, you work on projects manage by different people and several people can work on several projects at the same time – tools do not check as good as Slack.

Standard project management

Meeting Yes it’s not a mistake. The choice of tools that Konceptika uses in contact with the client depends to a large extent on his specific expectations, and in particular on how he wants to have insight into the ongoing campaigns. Some choose Adobe Latest Mailing Database Social, others prefer only a phone call – the agency is very flexible in this matter. However, nothing can replace the meeting (and its good summary, e.g. in an e-mail), which is an irreplaceable tool here, and although we list it at the end, it is the most important. We encourage you to try these tools in your company.

Latest Mailing Database

Monitoring is building a strong

Some of them are so universal that they will work in any business. We especially invite you to use Brand24 – find people who talk about you and CNB Directory make contactCASE STUDY What are the benefits for municipalities of Internet monitoring – Góra Kalwaria CASE STUDY Aneta GlowackaAneta GlowackaJuly 8, 2016 ・ 4 min read Share with Facebook Share with Twitter Share with LinkeIn For many people, the first association with Internet and social meia brand by finding discussions about it and establishing relationships with customers.

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