You Can Select the Time Frame to View

The tool will display data from a specific week, month, or period you choose.

There are several things you can only do with Similar web. For example, ‘keywords by industry’ feature allows you to analyze trends in your industry. You’ll find pre-defined industries and sub-industries, or you can create your own custom industry and see what’s trending in your competitive niche.

How to find recurring keyword trends with keyword seasonality
That means data granularity is critical when dealing with trends. And when you think about it, trends are everywhere all the time. Trending keywords aren’t limited to keywords surrounding fads and passing fashions.

Finding Trending Keywords Also Means Identifying

The ones that are evergreen, but currently on the rise. The idea is to discover keywords with high potential to boost your ranking and attract more traffic.

Some keywords have seasonalities and are more Australia Physiotherapist Email Lists popular during specific periods. For example, keywords surrounding sports events.

Screenshot of Similarweb keyword seasonality
You don’t need to know when popular sports events are happening. With Similarweb keyword seasonality, you quickly identify when search volume is high.

Where Does Your Data Come From

C Level Executive List

Google is for data what Walmart is for groceries. You can find a little bit of everything there, and it’s accessible to anyone. But when you need something a bit more specific, or if you are looking for top quality, well, there are better places.

It’s the same with data. For professional use, Google isn’t a sufficient data supplier. That’s why you go to a data analytics or keyword research tool. The thing is, most of them rely on Google for data, which means, in terms of accuracy and freshness, you’re back at CNB Directory square one. The platform uses a unique mix of data signals from various sources. This includes growing contributory networks building on verified keywords people use, direct measurements, verified public data, and partnerships.

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