Do you want to develop and therefore constantly increase

Do you want to develop and therefore constantly increase Strengths and weaknesses (SWOT analysis) Strengths and weaknesses in a SWOT analysis are internal factors that indicate the strength or weakness of a given company. Their analysis should cover the following areas of the company’s operations: knowlge and human resources finance and management business process implementation tools production, technology, logistics, research and development sales and customer service. The company’s strengths include, among others, high qualifications of employees, accumulat savings and modern machines that save time and money.

Do you want to develop and therefore constantly increase

The weakness, however, will be high employee turnover or a limit production process, which affects the low quality of the goods offer. Opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis) In the SWOT analysis, opportunities and threats are external phenomena and processes that influence the development and expansion of the company. These are different factors: legal political economic technological socio-cultural ethical environmental. Therefore, in a SWOT analysis, an example of an opportunity may be an increase in demand for a given product or service or the opening of a new market. The threats DB to Data include, among others: legal changes that force an increase in production costs, the opening of plants offering better employment conditions in the same area, new taxes or the activities of competitors.

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Here is an example of a strategic matrix for a company’s SWOT analysis: swot analysis As you can see, the SWOT method involves the analysis of internal and external factors that together CNB Directory determine the company’s market situation . Strengths and weaknesses are areas that depend directly on us, while opportunities and threats are objective factors that we have no influence on. The TOWS analysis is bas on the same set of factors. It was propos by H. Weinrich in the 1980s after research carri out at Volkswagen plants. Analiza TOWS a SWOT TOWS analysis is a modifi version of SWOT analysis. The difference is that in this method the assessment proces from the outside in , and it starts with threats and weaknesses. 

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