We STARTED a mentoring program for small entrepreneurs

Start your business, improve your products or services and get new customers through the Internet. Join our four mentees and grab your last spot on the program. We STARTED a mentoring program for small entrepreneurs marketing mentor, entrepreneur mentor, marketing mentor28.9. – we officially started our mentoring program with a discussion on How to do online business #successfully . If you missed it (and believe me, there was a lot to miss), you can watch the recording on our Facebook page . We opened the mentoring program for the 5 fastest in the fall, but we are opening the new program in January 2018. Join our current clients, Anna, Viktor, Lenka and Matej, who are already achieving real results thanks to our exclusive mentoring.

Marketing mentoring what is part of this program

Expect results like this or even BETTER: 1x a month 2 hours individual care 3 times a month 45 min. individual care BONUS we will give you the opportunity to Australia Phone Number Data sit with us in a shared office for two whole months and we also have some parking space to spare (it is not a requirement to use our premises, but it will allow you to work alongside smart people) at the same time, you will receive our advanced courses and step-by-step instructions for your sure marketing success (not only) on the Internet mentor giving a hand, marketing cooperation How does your marketing education take place? personal one to one consultations online hangout/Skype cal Marketing mentoring – what areas will we focus on with you?

You get this immediately thanks to our mentoring program

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A service thanks to which you can “rent” many years of experience in various areas of business and online marketing in order to move your project forward. Imagine having the knowledge of an online marketing department at your disposal, even if you don’t have it internally. A mentor is a person who, in addition to his knowledge, holds a mirror up to Arabia Whatsapp Number you and evaluates your ideas and their potential with constructive criticism. FAST with the implementation of new approaches who need expert support with a specific business challenge or challenging project who need to test their ideas and need a challenge to achieve new goals and thus achieve success.

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