How to check if a business card is suspended

Most of the cases that come to us are related to the fact that the business card does not meet the quality requirements of the Google search engine. Unfortunately, we do not receive precise information about which element does not meet these requirements. Therefore, we need to analyze which elements may violate Google’s guidelines and fix it ourselves. To unblock a Google business card, please contact Google using the form provided. And here I will write from experience that asking Google questions like “where is the problem” does not make sense. Because Google simply doesn’t respond to this form.

Why is this happening?

The complication is that we don’t know which element violates Google’s guidelines. From our experience, it is usually the name of the company that appears Phone Number Data on the Google business card. Please remember that according to Google, inserting keywords there is against the guidelines. This is the first element you should pay attention to. If you see a message in Google Search that your profile has been suspended, there is an Edit Info button next to it . By clicking this button, you can edit each of the business card fields. Set them to comply with the guidelines. Then complete the form available here Complete it according to the questions asked by Google.

what to do How to check ?

Taking into account our experience, it is enough to send an extract from CEIDG or an entry in the National Court Register. We have never sent utility bills, and the CNB Directory effectiveness of unblocking business cards is 100%. After submitting the form, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. The subject of the email will be the case number. When you want to continue writing to Google, please refer to the mentioned case number. The easiest way to do this is to reply to the email you received. But we also know from experience that Google does not respond to such messages. If everything has been done correctly, your business card should be unlocked. As of today (March 2023), the waiting time for unlocking a business card is 2-3 business days.

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