Meta title tag makes the biggest difference

We do not repeat the word ” furniture ” because we must remember that the longer the title tag, the worse the ranking of words that are further down. Some tools, such as the Yoast plugin in WordPress, suggest that this tag should be no longer than 75 characters. However, we do not necessarily have to stick to these 75 characters . This number is due to the fact that this is what Google presents to us in search results. If our word is at the end of the title tag and someone searches for that word, Google will usually cut off the title tag to show what is there at the end. We must also insert phrases in the title in a sensible way, so as not to force all the keywords into this tag.

Content on the website Meta title tag

The fourth issue is the content on the website. Often, websites are ‘bare’, without enough content, which makes their positioning difficult. Google relies on content, so it is Phone number data important to accurately describe our products and services using selected keywords. Here, of course, the doctrine talks about 2-3 thousand characters, but this is a tendency that we are moving away from. On the one hand, without specialized tools we will not be able to compare ourselves with the competition. However, it is crucial that we check how much content the competition has in the TOP10, which responds highly to the phrases that interest us and quantitatively matches the competition.

Basic linkbuilding

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But getting such links on other websites is not easy. The easiest CNB Directory way to obtain links to our website is to use various types of website or company directories that are numerous on the Internet. Thanks to such directories, you can get your first links and your website will start to be positively perceived by Google. Of course, the choice of these catalogs must be carefully considered. By entering ‘website directory’ or ‘company directory’ in the Google search engine, you will find various directories in the search results.

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