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First of all, at the very beginning we need to clarify what local positioning is. Customers often think that it is a completely separate service. In fact, local positioning ismore of an element of traditional positioning. However, there are a few elements that youneed to pay attention to . These elements are specific to local positioning. The first is geolocation. Grzegorz, I have a request for you. Explain what geolocation in Google is and what we need to pay attention to when thinking about local positioning. Grzegorz: Google has been geolocating search results for several years. What does it mean? If I am in Katowice or another town, I may have different results in Katowice than in Chorzów.

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Because Google tries to present search results in such a way that a user who is looking for something or needs something gets these results as quickly Phone Number Data as possible. When a searcher is looking for a local service or a local product, Google will try to present him with results related to the area in which he is located as quickly and simply as possible. We can have completely different results on a mobile phone , completely different results on a computer – even if we are in the same place. Google used to show search results more or less the same for the entire country. If you searched for a topic locally, you had to enter a phrase like “furniture store Katowice” to find results from Katowice. Now you can enter “furniture store” and if you are physically in Katowice, you will get results from Katowice.

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It is worth adding that this visit also determines our CNB Directory positioning on maps and increases our visibility. It is often the case that in local positioning, it is the maps that determine the highest conversions, because they are located at the highest level. Traditional, organic positioning is positioning for the fourth position, which is located under the maps. At this point, we have the opportunity to act on two fronts . First of all, in the maps, i.e. taking one of the first three places in the maps. Or the second front, i.e. a typical, organic search that will appear under the maps, i.e. positions four to ten.Exactly. If you already have a visit , you need to promote it. For example, by placing it on your website not only on the “contact” subpage, but preferably on all subpages – if it is a company positioned in one selected city. It is best to insert a business card using a code.

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